Broad Horizon Records was formed in 1987 by long time friends Bob Lung and Jack Broad. The two met in junior high and shared a love for music, KISS in particular, as well as movies and sartirical humor. The name was a combination of Jack's last name & favoite music store but took on a deeper meaning as the two plotted their assault on the musical world.

Their first project included the 4 song E.P. by 80's hairband, HOTT ROXX. Jon Dawson, J.B. Axen, Jimi Starr, and Eric Frey recorded POINT BLANK at Reel Pro Recording Studios in Cincinnati, Ohio over the summer of 1987. While the disc enjoyed local success and led to meetings with Profile Records in NYC and a showcase at Bogart's, the group disbanded shortly after to pursue other interests. Jack left Broad Horizon to pursue his own musical career and Bob decided to forge forward with a new genre of music gaining popularity at that time, known as Rap.

In March of 1988 Broad Horizon Records signed Cincinnati natives, Shaye Luv, to produce their first demo. Working with the Boyd Brothers for Chili Club Productions; Shannon Murray, Chad Jones, and DJ Sean Taylor recorded Bless the Mic for the Gods and You Can't Take It.

Shaye Luv partnered with Starr Productions to showcase the Mt Healthy talent show in May 1988. This led to a meeting with Danny O and the Bond Hill Crew. Both Danny O and the Bond Hill crew headlined the WBLZ New Years Eve Jam at the Cincinnati Coliseum on Dec. 31, 1988. It was at the New Year's Eve Jam that Bob Lung first met Northern Ky rap artists Technique.

After signing Technique, Broad Horizon Records worked with Micowave (top 40 hit: Instant Replay) to produce their first recording which led to a signing with Michael Jackson's newly formed label. Technique left for Neverland to record for the pop idol leaving Broad Horizon looking for some new talent.

In May 1990, Broad Horizon Records produced a 5 song demo for Christian Rock band, Human Zoo, consisting of bandmates; Ben Gulley, Tom Busch, and Kevin McFarren. The project featured the hardrocking Alter Call as well as crowd favorites, Sunday May B 2 Late and The Sunday School Song.

Broad Horizon Records went on hiatus in 1991 missing out on the grunge era and other opportunities.

In 2007 friends opened the short lived Hard Tails Cafe where Bob rediscovered his love for promoting local music. After seeing acts like the Kenny Welch Band, Centerline, and Strych 9 , Bob decided to revive Broad Horizon Records and start recording local artists again.

Picking the talented young country singer, Josh Young, from the Centerline Band to be his first project of the new millennium, Broad Horizon Records incorporated and set up offices on Cincinnati's west side. Enlisting legal counsel, a graphic artist, marketing personel, editor, and other outside help, Bob began to focus on the process of getting music into the hands of the fans.

While changes in the market, economic downturns, and technological advances have changed the way music is peceived, recorded, distibuted, and puchased, the main focus of Broad Hoizon Records, Inc. has, and remains in finding, recording, and promoting local up and coming bands.